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Healthcare and Education

Healthcare organisations struggle to deliver high-quality patient outcomes at an affordable cost. One key to reaching that goal is integrating health, social and wellness services — and that means embracing openness, cross-organisational data sharing and cloud-native technologies while ensuring the utmost protection of personal data.
In Education Commwise can help you to implement a secure, accessible and consistent experience whether on-site or distance learning.  Our scalable solutions are ideal for educational providers such as schools, Multi-Academy Trusts, and Universities.

Government and Local Authorities

Commwise solutions enable Government and Local Authorities to meeting increasing challenges.

Through  reducing complexity and integrating multiple disparate systems into all-in-one communications and cloud hosted solutions we bring increased operational effectiveness and cost savings while maintaining the high level of privacy and security integrity requirements.

Emergency Services

Some of the most critical issues they Emergency services are related to the available funding and conflicting demands of maintaining front line services and maintaining operational infrastructure.  Unable to replace legacy technology Emergency services often have to sweat legacy systems now lacking functionality required to address modern day operational challenges. Commwise support migration and utilisation of utilise cloud-based solutions that are flexible, scalable and, most importantly, don’t require large capital investments.

Finance and Professional Services

Businesses in the Finance and Professional Services sector need robust, flexible and highly secure IT support services. Commwise is your perfect partner for Finance and Professional Services organisations evolving their IT, Communications and Cloud Infrastructure.  Our service enable you to gain visibility and control of SaaS applications and user activity, alongside securing your company against external and internal threats.


Our enterprise solutions enable you to manage data explosion, cloud expansion, security and compliance? Retrieve and disseminate critical data throughout your business, providing real-time operating information to those that need it when they need it no matter where they are. Our enterprise solutions help you manage and protect your data, take control of your hybrid environments, keep track of all network-connected devices and govern every identity across the enterprise.

Media, Content, Digital

A dramatic shift is occurring in the way digital media is created, distributed and consumed. All these changes usher in new challenges when it comes to the cost, efficiency and security of digital media. Traditional network architectures that depend on VPNs and high-cost, low-bandwidth MPLS services are no longer sufficient to handle current digital media workflows. Commwise delivers the low-latency, secure cloud-based platforms that you need to support todays media production and distribution.

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