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Cloud is the foundation for the new agile business world and a successful Cloud-based infrastructure is key to delivering flexible, on-demand digital services to support changing business priorities.

Commwise Cloud services allow you to scale infrastructure as needed, while reducing the risks of wasted IT resources that inhibited past investments in new technologies. Successful cloud and digital transformation is about finding the right solution and partners to deliver for your business. Our cloud applications, technology mix and professional services ensure that Commwise customers have access to the resources underpinning these new digital business offerings. The solutions we help our customers build enable them to boost performance, efficiency and their bottom line allowing their business to be future-proofed for success.

All-in-one unified communications

Operate from anywhere

What if we could reimagine communication from the ground up? What if we could reimagine the cost structure created by the complexity of your on-premises communication infrastructure from the ground up? How do we move beyond individual, temporary work-from-home and instead empower every team, department and function, regardless of physical location? Beyond just operating our business remotely, how do we operate from anywhere? With Commwise all these questions are easily answered.

Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS)

Our unified comms solution is designed to help you provide simply brilliant customer experiences at scale and cost.

Real-time communication
Connect email, instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony, and voicemail.

Access your teams from anywhere, any time

Managed from a single, cloud-based platform.

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact centre solutions that empower your people.

Modern contact centres are all about understanding the needs of today’s digital customer while providing a consistently high level of personalised service and the best customer experience, regardless of the interaction type.

Our contact centre tools will help boost productivity and bring open collaboration to the entire dispersed workforce—without adding complexity and confusion. 

Customer Experience as a Service(CXaaS)

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organisations at advanced stages of digital transformation will find that poor customer experience is their biggest barrier to further success.”

Organisations today have unprecedented amounts of customer data at their fingertips and need to extract the value of event-driven, real-time data orchestration. Planning, designing, and executing activities that encompass all parts of the customer experience is key to successful customer experience (CX).

Microsoft Teams

Extend the familiar Teams experience, keep using your existing phones, apps, and devices.

Deploying 8×8 Voice for Teams is a simple process of connecting to your Microsoft 365 environment and selecting users to add. Make and receive global calls right from the native Teams dialler thanks to direct routing.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly into popular business apps and CRM tools like Salesforce. Inject Teams with enterprise-ready contact centre features, real-time data and speech analytics offer visibility into all your Teams and non-Teams calls—revealing key trends, call patterns and customer sentiments. Hassle-free setup, no capital investment required.

SIP Trunks

A SIP trunk holds multiple SIP lines, each of which is able to transmit calls via VoIP.

The number of SIP lines that a SIP trunk holds varies and depends largely on a customer’s needs. Higher call volume means more SIP lines to provide the necessary bandwidth.

With 8×8’s patented compression technology you need half the bandwidth of other cloud communications solutions, reducing your costs whilst still maintaining high call quality and reliability which is why 8×8 offer a Service Level agreement on voice call quality.

Business Mobile

Ensure your teams are always connected, wherever they are with business mobile phones and contracts.

We’re network agnostic which means we’ll always build your mobile plan based on the specific needs of your organisation and ensuring you get the best deal.

Why not let us review your current bills and complete a comprehensive audit of your mobile spend to see if you could be saving money.

Our mobile audit is free of charge with no obligation to retain our services.

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Cloud data management and recovery

Radically simple data protection that's more than backup software. Achieve Data Control.

Modernise and automate data protection with one solution that covers workloads across on-prem and the cloud. Easily archive to the cloud, scale to meet enterprise demands, and get built-in ransomware recovery. Backup and recovery, cloud mobility, automation, and cyber resiliency. Rubrik goes beyond backup to deliver radically simplified data protection, turbocharged recovery, and cloud acceleration so that customers can experience management time savings, data centre footprint reduction, and overall cost savings.

Cloud Data Management

A single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds.


Cloud Backup and Recovery

We deliver a native data protection solution to automatically discover, protect, organise, and manage all your data and apps on multiple clouds through a singular, easy-to-use view.

Cloud Firewall

Protect your business online. Delivering unparalleled security, connectivity, and automation our network firewalls do more than just secure your network.

They ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and secure access to cloud-hosted applications.

Ransomware protection

Recover Faster. Stay Smarter. We makes it easier and faster to recover from security attacks while providing greater intelligence on how an incident impacted your global applications and data.

How can we help you achieve data control to drive business resiliency, cloud mobility, and regulatory compliance?

Network and Connectivity

Operate from anywhere

Connect people across organisations, around the world and to every application with scalable, low latency, secure connectivity delivering high application performance no matter where they are. Commwise network services include IP transit, dedicated Internet access, and broadband connectivity, private networking services, including Ethernet, VPLS, and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). Our services are able to accommodate several configurations, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint (any-to-any), with speeds from 10 megabits per second (Mbps) to 100 gigabits (Gbps) per port. Our diverse connectivity (broadband, MPLS, 4G/LTE) delivers fast, reliable and secure communications to allow organisations and their people to operate from anywhere at anytime.

Business Broadband

Full-fibre networks provide businesses with the most advanced digital connection possible.

Constructed with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting; only full-fibre networks can support ultrafast, ultra-reliable services and provide a future-proofed connectivity alternative.

Fibre Ethernet

Our Ethernet leased lines give you a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed performance, or a rock solid link between offices or sites. Delivering guaranteed data transfer, with up to 100Gbps bandwidth available. Fibre Ethernet uses identical circuits over separate infrastructures to ensure optimal resilience providing high capacity and high-performance site-to-site and data centre connectivity.

Leased Lines

Enterprise grade highly secure connectivity solutions.

Future proof your business with our 24/7 managed and monitored leased line services.

Enjoy high speeds, total bandwidth control, enterprise class SLA and reliable up-times.


With the adoption of Cloud services, the Internet with SD WAN is now viewed as a cost-effective, agile alternative to MPLS VPN.

However for some organisations MPLS is still the right choice.

Business agility – Additional bandwidth – Cloud access.

End to End QoS – Network privacy – Comprehensive SLA.

Commwise will ensure you make the right choice for your business.


in 2021, 22.2 billion devices worldwide are going to be connected via WiFi providing connectivity to support office and home based employees, distance learning and global corporate functions.

Your Wi-Fi networks performance has now become mission critical and needs to mature rapidly, beyond the basic criterion of speed, to include such factors as availability, accessibility, reliability and application performance.

Commwise will ensure your WiFi networks not only meet but exceed these performance needs to support your business applications. 

Business Mobile

When wired connections are not available and business users need connectivity that is reliable, secure and cost effective radio becomes the choice.

With Commwise we can help you deploy wireless technology faster without the time and cost of trenching wires or cables. From long range backhaul and licensed microwave through to

Multipoint Wide Area Networks (WAN) supported by network planning, design software and end-to-end cloud management

How can we help with your network and connectivity?

Hosting, technology and I.T.

Today’s world is complex. Your network doesn’t have to be.

See the full business value of moving your network to a cloud-based service model. Improve your IT efficiency and security, reduce downtime. Streamline wired and wireless network operations and unlock new IT and business insights with Commwise. Your Network. Your Way. Complete Solution Flexibility

Co-Location (Co-Lo)

Robust and reliable colocation services your business can trust.

Built to Tier 3 Plus certified standards, with hardened security.

Your business’s critical IT now has a data environment that can be tailored to your precise needs.

Totally carrier neutral ensuring your business has the most cost-effective and flexible IT support in a colocation environment. 



Stay focused on what you do best with fully managed dedicated hosting services on dedicated infrastructure.

Single-tenant hosting for optimal performance and uptime When you choose Commwise managed hosting solutions, you get more than a team of experts from your hosting provider to run your infrastructure.

You also experience the enhanced performance, control and security that makes single-tenant dedicated hosting environments ideal for mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications — all backed by 24x7x365 support.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The ease of managing your cloud determines your success with cloud.

Select an IaaS solution that will meet your needs. Get the familiarity of your on-premise infrastructure combined with the scalability, security and unmatched customer service of our secure cloud.

With Commwise you get the cloud visibility and control you need.

Easily manage all of your virtual data center resources, view detailed performance information, create and restore from backups, replicate data to other clouds, access granular billing info and more.

Microsoft 365

Achieve more with the Office apps, cloud based services, and security solutions needed in today’s Modern Workplace.

Microsoft 365 offers a cloud productivity suite to empower users in all size of organisations. Connect, collaborate and innovate using intelligent cloud services that transform the way you work. We provide an end-to-end to service including licence and billing management, email migration, and secure configuration.

Our Microsoft experts have you covered, allowing you to take full advantage. Plus, for organisations requiring longer retention periods, Commwise offers additional backup solutions to ensure you remain compliant.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

A streamlined remote working solution that provides secure access to virtual desktops and applications.

Deliver virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere, anytime. Enhance data security by centrally monitoring and restricting access.

Quickly scale your IT infrastructure on-demand with auto-provisioning. A best-in-class user experience on any device—including HTML5 browsers, iOS and Android—retains your workforce productivity even on the go.

Virtual Data Centre (VDC)

VDC serves as an extension of an organisation’s IT operations as it integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

VDC is designed for customers to manage their virtual estates at the touch of a button.

Configuration, real-time changes, capacity and pooling of resources can all be done on-demand with virtual storage and server resources, accessed via a secure portal, with the ability to roll out on-demand hosting, storage and computing, for a true Private Cloud

How can we help with your technology and I.T. requirements?

Customer Experience (CX) - The New Battleground

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organisations at advanced stages of digital transformation will find that poor customer experience, CX, is their biggest barrier to further success.” So where are we today? 80% of CEOs believe their companies deliver a superior customer experience 89% of companies plan to compete based on customer experience. Less than 8% of customers agree Among other priorities, you know that customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) is now more essential than ever. It’s key to keeping the doors of your business open.

Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organisations at advanced stages of digital transformation will find that poor customer experience is their biggest barrier to further success.”

Organisations today have unprecedented amounts of customer data at their fingertips and need to extract the value of event-driven, real-time data orchestration. Planning, designing, and executing activities that encompass all parts of the customer experience is key to successful customer experience (CX).

With the right support your digital business can develop strategies for achieving world-class customer experiences. Commwise will help you find ways to incorporate emerging technologies to effectively leverage data and translate customer centricity into a new set of improved actions.

Network discovery

Improving end user application experience through Actionable Insights
Hortium EUX.ai. 

This delivers actionable insights into the user experience of your business’s applications and services.

Any application, any where, every time. Commwise will help you test, measure and deliver next generation applications and services to your users.

We support any application on any cloud and deliver insights based on a users persona and business criticality.

Gain the insights you need to manage complex 3rd party service chains and deliver the quality of experience your user requires to operate effectively.

Network Service User Experience

Deliver the internet performance and user experience you promise!

Monitor your network services end-to-end – provide an accurate reflection of what the end user is actually experiencing. You no longer have to send technicians on site to resolve problems and you don’t have to waste time trying to rectify things that aren’t broken.

Quick and simple diagnostic testing will highlight where the problem lies, allowing for much faster issue resolution.

How can our customer service help you?

Professional Services

Getting it right from the start

To get up and running quickly you sometimes need a helping hand. With our range of professional services we can help ensure your project implementation is fast, affordable, minimises risk and immediately enhances business performance.


Helping you make the right decision for your digital infrastructure.

Your cloud strategy needs to be closely integrated with the wider business strategy if it is to be fully effective.

Commwise will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your business strategy and the key result areas that impact the success of the business.

We will ensure that you know what the right tools for your business are, and to successfully plan their initial implementation and enhancement over time. 


From the early stages of feasibility and initial design concepts through to specific design packages required for the implementation of your solution.

Commwise’s experience and capabilities brings added values to the solutions we design which in turn translate into operational and business benefits for you.

These include: – Cost effective designs – we take a Whole Life Cost approach to designs as we understand the implementation and ongoing operational maintenance costs in your environment


Install, commission and integrate – data centre, customer premises and in the cloud.

Commwise offer a nationwide field force that are experts in installing, commissioning and integrating multiple technologies in a diverse range of operational locations and environments.

We deliver deployment services for equipment and solutions that span multiple market sectors.

Our methods, standards and processes comply with product manufacturer requirements, health and safety regulations, physical environment compliance and represent industry best practice.

Programme and Project Management

Enabling timely implementation needs strong programme and project management – Commwise staff are experienced in managing major projects and programmes from nationwide network roll outs to secure datacentre build and operation.

We will help you minimise potential disruptions to programmes in relation to deployment, testing and transition to live operations.


Install, commission and integrate – data centre, customer premises and in the cloud .

Commwise offer a nationwide field force that are experts in installing, commissioning and integrating multiple technologies in a diverse range of operational locations and environments.

We deliver deployment services for equipment and solutions that span multiple market and geographic sectors. 


Our training solutions are tailored to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage your business IT infrastructure, cloud applications and network integrity.

We ensure your team have the right skills to support the systems you put in place to deliver sustainable business development and maintain competitive advantage.

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