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Excellence in the cloud

At Commwise Group we provide the cloud services and proactive strategic support required for business continuity and growth whatever your sector. We're focused on providing solutions that deliver the tactical and strategic outcomes your business demands.

Commwise Group Leadership Team

Our leadership team has decades of collective experience in the IT, Communications and Digital space. Collectively they have successfully designed and delivered solutions globally for a rich variety of customers across multiple sectors.

Simon Holmyard


Charlie Bass


Geoff Smith


David Hopkins


Are you ready to work for an industry leader in cloud services?

Commwise has sustainable growth plans, and we know we can do it with the right talent onboard.

We’re very excited about our journey so far and our credible industry partners, such as 8×8, Rubrik and Indectron are excited too.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team have developed through solid career paths and as we continue to grow, our values ensure that our people remain at the heart of the business.

It's the people that make up our team which sets us apart

Whether it’s our technical support specialists, technical sales advisors or solutions engineers the team within Commwise have the skills and expertise to provide our customers with the very best experience.

Why work with us?

Everything we do is underpinned by our 4 key values and makes Commwise a great place to work: – We are trusted experts in our field – We pride ourselves on keeping things clear and simple – We put our customer experience at the centre of everything we do – We are innovative and forward thinking

Our Partners

We Partner with the with the world leading technology brands.

Achieving the strategic outcomes defined by our customers is a primary objective.  Working with a range of carefully selected, trusted, complementary market leading vendor partners enables us to provide solutions that really deliver.

Our values

Our values are the core principles that underpin us and govern the way we do business. We forever aspire to be recognised and valued for ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ – but ultimately – the value we add and the results we deliver to you!

We continually strive to manage and balance our business needs, values & ethics with the your expectations and those of our partners and our team. Our values – what we stand for and uphold.


We are trusted experts in our field.

Clarity and simplicity

We pride in keeping things clear and simple.


We are innovative, forward thinking and outcome focussed.

Customer experience

We put you, our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Our Direct, Partner and Associate Accreditations

At Commwise Group, we are dedicated to delivering products of the highest quality, supported by the best levels of service and efficiency.

We are well known for our meticulous attention to detail, taking pride in everything we do. This includes not settling for today – we are always learning, innovating, evolving and improving. Put simply, we’re on a quest for perfection. It’s an ethos that has become the very heart of Commwise Group.

From products to processes, or even our sustainability, our culture encourages continuous improvement.  We’ve put this to the test through achievement of industry recognised accreditations directly while also selecting partners and associates who place an equal emphasis with accreditations of an equal or higher level.

We are very proud to have established a combined delivery capability of such high standards and feel they show our ethical and moral dedication to operate in the best way, not because we are told to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Here are some examples held by Commwise Group, our Partners and our Associates.

Vendor Accreditations

Vendor Accreditations

Public Sector Accreditations

Public Sector Accreditations

Quality Accreditations

Quality Accreditations

Professional Accreditations

Professional Accreditations

Environment, Community and CSR

We look beyond purely economic objectives and consider other factors and wider implications of our day-to-day business decisions. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal – to be one of our most valuable assets.

In order to keep this reputation and trust, we demand and maintain the highest of standards:

Health and Safety

Commwise takes our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act and supporting regulations seriously and works hard to eliminate and reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illness. To this end, we provide every member of staff with a safe, healthy working environment and any relevant safety training. In addition, risk assessments are carried out on all premises where work is undertaken to ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors. We aim to comply with all relevant local legislation or regulations and best practice guidelines recommended by National Health and Safety Authorities. We also liaise with our staff regarding our policies and practices so that we can continue to maintain a healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment..


Commwise are committed to ensuring continued consideration to the environment in all aspects of our operations and service. We value our natural environment and the need to protect it. Keeping our environment unpolluted and clean is paramount to the success of our communities and business. We will always follow best practices when disposing of waste, recycling where possible, and seek out working facilities that strive to minimise their carbon footprint through LEED certification, minimise the impact of travel through utilising collaborative technology, utilisation of public transport and low emission transportation wherever possible along with other environmentally sustainable best practices.


We recognise and understand the significance of the local community within which we operate. We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups and promoting ethical and socially responsible trading. We actively support and donate to the following charities/non-profit organisations within our community:-
The Princes Trust
Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
Cancer UK

Our team

We are committed to the well-being and continual development of our team and to their training where all of our team are appreciated equally, valued and given regular feedback so that they all have a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to the business. We operate a meritocracy, where all of our team are recognised and rewarded on the basis of their performance, effort, contribution and achievements. We expect our team to act with integrity towards one another and exercise a high standard of business practice and workmanship. We support diversity, fairness and equal opportunities and aim to involve and consult regularly with employees as to the direction of the business.

Like our approach?

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