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Commwise - Excellence in the cloud.

Secure - Powerful - Scalable

Cloud based services delivered over secure networks supported by expert professional services. In 2020, we learned that remote work is no longer a nice-to-have perk – it is an operational pillar that enables employees to serve customers, generate revenue, reduce costs, and innovate at anytime from anywhere using any device. This next evolution of remote work needs affordable, easily scalable cloud services that grow with your business. Commwise ensures your cloud applications minimise risks, improve collaboration, support remote working and enhance business performance.

Secure - Powerful - Scaleable

Solutions designed with cloud in mind from the beginning, manage on-prem, at the edge, and in the cloud. Eliminate management complexity

All-in-one communications

One cloud solution for Phone, Video, Chat and more

Data Backup and Recovery

Multi-Cloud Data Control

Network and Connectivity

Reliable, Secure, High-Speed connectivity

Our services

Excellence in the cloud and digital transformation for all organisations

Cloud is the foundation for the new agile business world and a successful
Cloud-based infrastructure is key to delivering flexible, on-demand digital services to support changing business priorities.
It allows organisations to scale infrastructure as needed, while reducing the risks of wasted IT resources that inhibited past investments in new technologies. Successful cloud and digital transformation is about finding the right solution and partners to deliver for your business. Our cloud applications, technology mix and professional services ensure that Commwise customers have access to the resources underpinning these new digital business offerings. The solutions we help our customers build enable them to boost performance, efficiency and their bottom line allowing their business to be future-proofed for success.

Partnering with all major networks we provide unified tools for sharing information and seamlessly communicating from any location and device.

Connect people across organisations, around the world and to every application with scalable, low latency, secure connectivity delivering high application performance no matter where they are.

With an ever increasing online threat Commwise's security and compliance solutions provide the ultimate protection against current and emerging online threats.

Our state-of-the-art data centres, provide a range of cloud-based services for businesses wishing to remove the hassle and risk of having IT infrastructure maintained on-site and are complemented by our full range of IT Services.

To get up and running quickly you sometimes need a helping hand. With our range of professional services we can help ensure your project implementation is fast, affordable, minimises risk and immediately enhances business performance.

Delivering technical expertise to support the operation of your cloud services. Commwise ensure our customer maximise and maintain their ability for continuous, optimised operation.

Our partners

We partner with the worlds leading technology brands.

Your sector

We adapt solutions based on your needs evolving for the future irrespective of which business sector you are in

By understanding business, across multiple sectors, we transpose and apply our knowledge to address problems. Working with our customers we provide solutions aligned with their business strategy. By combining our understanding with technical capability our focus is always on delivery of the most appropriate solution for our customers needs. 

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